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Easy to apply, quick to disappear small cracks.

The Glass Repair Liquid prevents damage in a crack from spreading while restoring your windshield to near-new condition.

For best results, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs and before the crack is contaminated by dirt or water.

Innovative Design.

Featuring a reinforced injection sealant dispensing head, this advanced resin formula dispenser produces strong pressure.
It has a vacuum function to quickly remove air from the crack, effectively minimizing the appearance of chips and cracks while stopping them from spreading.

Wide Use.

This Glass Repair Liquid repairs all types of chips and cracks, from bugs, cobwebs, half-moon cracks, star-shaped cracks, and combination-style damage.

It can even work for your smartphone.

Note cracks have to be less than 1 in / 25 mm in diameter.

r wizardly repair resin is easy to use:

Package Includes:

✅ Remove glass debris safely.
✅ Screw open the resin applicator and use the head to open the center of the glass crack.
✅ Place the rubber mouth of the suction cup at the center of the crack.
✅ Place a drop of the resin into the damaged area and paste one curing film over, ensuring no gaps or air bubbles.
✅ Let the application dry under sunlight for about 15-20 minutes.
✅ Check to see if the crack is healed.
✅ 1 x Repair Liquid
✅ 5 x Curing Strips
✅ 1 x Sleeved Razor Blade

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